The Program

The emphasis is placed in the values of hard work and trying your best, while giving each student a strong foundation in the fundamentals of basketball. The individual skills of rebounding, dribbling, shooting and ball-handling will be given special attention. Priority is placed on how these skills are incorporated into a team setting.

In order to guarantee individual attention and playing time, the number of players on a team will be limited to a maximum of eight. Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in competitive games during the day. Teams are selected based on ability rather than age or gender. Girls will be given the choice of playing on coed or all-girl teams. The emphasis here is placed on the values of hard work and trying your best.

Parents have the right to request copies of the Below the Rim Basketball Camp background check, health care, and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances.

Below the Rim must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the Town of Sudbury.Meet the StaffOur Location

Basketball is FUN!

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As seen on Chronicle, Below the Rim is proof that life's skills can be taught on and off the court. See how we empower our youth to reach their maximum potential as basketball players today and leaders of the world tomorrow.

Below the Rim Fans

Coach Snoddy,

My son, Jack, participated in BTR camp a couple of weeks ago. Looking back over his summer camps, his time at Below the Rim stands out. He had fun and left feeling more confident in his abilities and more enthusiastic about the sport. He has mentioned you by name several times and says that you’re really nice and a great teacher. Your leadership impacts the whole camp. Thank you for creating such a positive, growth-oriented program. We will be back!

Sarah M.

Michael – you run an excellent camp!  I’m compelled to offer a note to help with anyone else considering your camp for their kids.  As a basketball coach and father here’s what I (and my kids) love about Below The Rim Basketball Camp:

  • It has enough players at various ages so when you form the teams they can compete against similar talent and age levels (some other camps take multiple age groups and have kids across different 2-3 different grades playing together and the quality of basketball goes down).
  • There’s a nice focus on balancing the teams for competitive play while also putting as many friends together as you can to make it fun for the kids
  • Mix of drills and game play.
  • You have enough basketball courts to make this work.  That is, some camps don’t have many courts and even if they wanted to, they couldn’t run more game play scrimmaging in their camp without lots of substitutions.
  • You (the leader of the camp) are always around at the camp itself observing and making sure the experience is as good as possible.  Shows you care.
  • You have good camp coaches who bring a great energy with the kids.  I love how at drop-off you and other camp coaches wait outside to greet the kids and are there fist-pumping and making them feel good the moment they arrive.  It’s details like that which show you care about making sure the kids are comfortable and have a great experience.
  • You offer player evaluations at the end of the week with details on each player, what they did well and what they have to improve on.
  • There are enough weeks it’s offered which allows summer flexibility in being able to book a week or 2 that won’t conflict with vacation time.

Thanks again for running this camp!

  • Doug O.

I wanted to send a note to express my gratitude and thanks for running such a fabulous basketball camp!

Ashley Swensen